January 2014 Positive start for MGSA Packaging & Print Media
April 2015 Ultrasonic Sealing Solution SA Pharmaceuticle & Cosmetic Review
May 2015 Rigit Tube Filling Machine Marchesini Group
May 2015 The New Filling & Closing Machine Millenium Marchesini Group
June 2015 Marchesini Group acquires end-of-line packaging systems division SA Pharmaceuticle & Cosmetic Review
January 2016 The turnover of Marchesini Group hits 270 million. Marchesini Group
January 2016 Marchesini Group looks forward to illustrating the best of the end-of-line Made in Italy technologies at ProPack 2016 Marchesini Group
March 2016 Extract - End of Line feature for approval SA Pharmaceuticle & Cosmetic Review
April 2016 Suppliers of equipment PCR
Nov 2016 Marchesini's blister packaging - Evolution-Revolution FMCG
Dec 2016 Marchesini new CEO Marchesini
Marchesini Aseptic Filling ADV
March 2017 Marchesini takes its key packaging products to Germany Interpack
April 2017 New leaflets update: MAV60 + MILL120 Interpack
May 2017 Interpack 2017 Interpack
July 2017 Marchesini Group requires 40% of Vibrotech Vibrotech
July 2017 X-Ray inspection sees what you don't see Interpack Review
P-MEC FAIR Frankfurt | 24-26 October, 2017 Interpack
TR: nuova macchina FA 04V - new machine FA04 V Interpack
TR: nuovo catalogo macchina BL-A525 | new leaflet of labeller BL-A525 Interpack


Mar 2019 ProPack Africa Johannesburg 2019 ProPack
Apr 2018 Korea Pack 2018 Korea Pack
Apr 2018 Interphex New York 2018 Interphex
May 2018 FCE Pharma Brazil 2018 FCE
May 2018 Expo Pack Mexico 2018 Expo Pack
Jun 2018 ProPack Asia 2018 ProPack
Sep 2018 Taropak Poland 2018 Taropak
Sep 2018 FachPack Noremberg 2018 FackPack
Nov 2018 Emballage Paris 2018 Emballage
Nov 2017 Pharmtech Russia 2017 Pharmtech
Nov 2017 P-MEC India 2017 P-MEC
Oct 2017 P-MEC Fair Frankfurt 2017 P-MEC


One of South Africa’s most charismatic packaging industry sales specialists, Myles Davis, and his new business partner, Gary Wills, have launched MGSA Consulting, representing some of the world’s leading players in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging machinery sector.

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