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Positive start for MGSA

Experienced and Enthusiastic

One of South Africa’s most charismatic packaging industry sales specialists, Myles Davis, and his new business partner, Gary Wills, have launched MGSA Consulting, representing some of the world’s leading players in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging machinery sector.

Over the last 25 years, Myles has gained valuable experience in the packaging machinery sector, most recently at Pakmatic, representing leading international pharmaceutical and cosmetics machinery manufacturers such as Marchesini and Brevetti CEA. He has been instrumental in establishing and co-ordinating numerous turnkey projects with prominent global brand owners such as Adcock Ingram, Specpharm and Columbia Pharmaceuticals, Aspen, Union Swiss, Mirren, Biovac and Sanofi, to name but a few.

With his wealth of customer-facing experience, Myles handles sales, while Gary oversees the administrative and financial functions. They’ve also employed Lukas Appel, and darren Baxter as engineering technicians, to help with installations, back-up and general technical support.

Denzyl Pears was recently appointed as a non-executive director to assist with strategy and corporate governance.

MGSA also represents Ozaf, Boato Pack, Bortolin-Kemo, Vangaurd, Blister-Omar, Tuttenauer, Sleever International, Telstar, MG2, Easysnap, Pavan and Bohlé.

Our Experienced Team

Myles Davis Director
Gary Wills Director
Denzyl Pearse Director
Lukas Appel Engineering Technician
Darren Baxter Engineering Technician
Pauline Coetsee Financial & HR Manager